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Kate Moss and Johnny Depp In Paul McCartney’s new video-backstage footage.

26 Oct

Sybilia Style

Now that Johnny Depp is officially divorced, he does find time to star in a music video along with his former lover,Kate Moss and thus create a stirr as people always believed their image of the perfect ”boho-chic” couple-in life of course.Still,the idea of the two of them appearing for the first time after their split together in a project of any kind,has created the perfect publicity stunt Paul McCartney was looking for to promote his new Queenie Eye music video.The video was shot at the now famous Abbey Road studios starring a multitude of celebrities including Tom Ford, Laura Bailey, Gary Barlow, Jude Law, Meryl Streep, Alice Eve, Lily Cole, Chris Pine and James Corden. What does that all mean? Mr Paul has lost his ability to produce musically interesting,let alone innovative,albums and he knows it all too well.If something could promote his Queenie Eye mediocre new single is…

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Su Ling Gyr’s ‘Fashion Bone’ Explores the Fluidity of Identity

26 Oct

A Realistic Approach to Spending New Year’s Eve in New York City

26 Oct

New York Guest

by Eileen, Travel Consultant

New York City is always very busy but once we get past Christmas, the race to New Year’s Eve feels like a whirlwind.  On December 31st visitors from around the world will descend to Times Square to watch the annual ball drop, a tradition that dates back roughly 100 years.  Seeing the ball drop live is a once in a lifetime experience and a venture that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

nye131To see the ball drop in Times Square is free of charge.  The ball has been dropping from 42nd Street since 1904 and it is estimated that around one million people will be in Times Square at midnight.  Revelers will line the streets from 42nd Street all the way up to about 53rd Street along Broadway and 7th Avenue.

The deciding factor in all of the New Year’s festivities is the…

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Contraband, Cuban Style

26 Oct

Repeating Islands


This Havana Times article is an authorized translation of the original by Fernando Ravsberg (originally published in Spanish by BBC Mundo) where the author analyses the reasons for the persistence of  flourishing contraband businesses in Cuba.

As a kid, I used to sympathize with two types of criminals: those who ripped off banks without violence and smugglers. I saw them as Robin Hoods that stole from the rich and powerful, that is to say, from bankers and the State. [. . .]  These childhood memories came to me as a result of the ongoing debate in Cuba regarding whether the sale of contraband items, that is to say, products that entered the country evading official import procedures, should be prohibited. Cuba, however, is full of clothing, shoes, furniture and electrical appliances that made it to the island this way. It is something that happens all over the world. The…

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Between Here and Paradise: Rena Effendi’s Havana

26 Oct

Repeating Islands


Siobhán Bohnacker highlights the compelling photographic work of Rena Effendi, whose photos accompany a previous article in The New Yorker by Jon Lee Anderson, who writes about the Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura and about Cuba’s complex history with its writers and artists. She writes:

The photographer Rena Effendi, whose pictures accompany Anderson’s piece, documented many of the neighborhoods and enclaves that appear in the work of Padura and other Cuban artists. In her photos of Havana, we see a city almost frozen in time. Relics of another era dot the streets, like props from a period film. Effendi also depicts the city’s lively street life, photographing people in motion against a backdrop of vivid murals and Havana’s signature pastel colors. “Cuba is neither a paradise nor a hell but, rather,” Anderson writes, “more of a purgatory, where some of us have the possibility of salvation.”

See 16 spectacular photographs…

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Pérez Art Museum Miami announces Caribbean: Crossroads of the World

26 Oct

Repeating Islands

renee-cox-redcoat-queen-nanny-of-the-maroonsARC Magazine announces a new exhibition. The Pérez Art Museum Miami presents “Caribbean: Crossroads of the World,” which will highlight over two centuries of rarely seen works dating from the Haitian Revolution to the present. This exhibition employs an inter-disciplinary approach to advance understanding of the Caribbean, and combines seminal works with those by contemporary artists. The exhibition will run from April 18, 2014-August 17, 2014, at the Perez Art Museum Miami, at 101 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida.

Description: Caribbean: Crossroads of the World will highlight over two centuries of rarely seen works—from paintings and sculptures to prints, books, photographs, films, videos and historical artifacts—dating from the Haitian Revolution (c. 1804) to the present. This exhibition employs an inter-disciplinary approach to advance our understanding of the Caribbean and its artistic heritage, and combines works by figures such as Paul Gauguin, Winslow Homer, Wifredo Lam and Armando Reverón with works…

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Art and Fashion in the 21st Century

26 Oct



The intersection between art and fashion, although not all that new, looks to be a growing trend that isn’t subsiding anytime soon. Earlier this month, Damien Hirst and Miuccia Prada unveiled their Doha desert pop-up juice bar, decked out as a chemist in a reinterpretation of the artist’s late 1990s ‘Pharmacy Restaurant’ (it was accompanied by a Prada shop, bien sûr). Of course, the brand was also responsible for the famous Elmgreen & Dragset’s 2005 ‘Prada Marfa’ store installation in Marfa, Texas, and has developed a strong relationship with the world of art that feeds into its brand identity.

A few weeks ago, for the Spring/Summer 2014 Paris Fashion Week, Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld turned the runway into a gallery, replete with tongue-in-cheek art works, in the perfect example of fashion as art. And if you’re not familiar with Louis Vuitton’s collaborations with artists Takashi Murakami, Stephen…

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A Nobel Vision: The Works of Alice Munro

26 Oct

Surviving the Horror of the Home in The Silent Scream

26 Oct



The year is 1980.  It’s Autumn and Scotty Parker is starting school.  In a crunch to find an apartment, she hastily rents a room in a grand hilltop mansion overlooking the ocean.  What is it they say about things being too good to be true?  She makes fast friends with the other boarders and as Scotty begins to settle in, so does a rash of inexplicable violence.  One by one, the boarders are begin picked off but by whom and why?

The Silent Scream is the 1980 horror film directed by Denny Harris starring Rebecca Balding as Scotty, Steve Doubet as Jack, Brad Rearden as Mason, Juli Andelman as Doris, John Widelock as Peter, and Barbara Steele as Victoria.

silentScream_gangThe Silent Scream is buried deep within a bevvy of other more well known slasher films.  Released in 1980 (following Halloween and Friday the 13th), it’s clear that the filmmakers…

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Jitish Kallat @ Thinking Big

26 Oct

State of the Art

Shradha Ramesh of Saffronart follows the auction of Public Notice 2 at Thinking Big in London

New York:  Through Jitish Kallat’s Public Notice series emerges a new visual vocabulary that reiterates powerful speeches given by our Nation’s leaders- Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Swami Vivekananda. Preceding his seminal work Public Notice 3, his Public Notice 2 (2007) is a commentary on the devolution of Mahatma Gandhi’s secular vision of non-violence in the face of civil disobedience, which contradicts our eight day propaganda that takes place in our country today.  He confronts the audience by creating a didactic visual awareness of the speech delivered by Mahatma Gandhi on the eve of the famous Dandi March, 11th March 1930.

In a three dimensional textual format he creates a contextual paradigm that emphasises on the forgotten speeches and the lack of communal co-existence. The factual presence of forty five thousand bone-shaped…

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